Vacuum switches

Vacuum switches

M/58028/VB,.../VF (Pneumatic)
M/58027/VAP/P,.../VAN/P (Electronic)
M/58024/VB,.../VF (Electrical)

Technical Data

Non corrosive gases and non lubricated air

M/58028/VB normally open
M/58028/VF normally closed

Operating Temperature:
-10°C* to +80°C
* Consult our Technival Service for use below +2°C

Operating Pressure:
2 to 6 bar

Adjustable Range:
-0,3 to -0,85 bar

Authorized Overpressure:
2 bar

80 to 100 mbar

Operation Accuracy:
3% of the complete range

< 3% of the complete range

Switching Frequency:
30 Hz

Flow Rate:
130 l/min max. M/58028/VB
70 l/min max. M/58028/VF

Air Consumption when Achieving the Switching Point:
3 Nl/min

Tube Connection:
Nipple plug for tube of nominal size 2.7

Body: Polyacetal