V14 Nugget 120

V14 Nugget 120

V14 Nugget 120
19 mm body

5/2, 5/3
1152 l/min

Technical Data Wireway

Indication by red LED (d.c.) or neon (a.c.)
Suppression by flywheel diode (d.c.) or VDR (a.c.)

Red LED = correct movement of armature
Orange LED = failed operation
50% power saving following correct armature movement

D-sub connector, IP40
Round type plug, IP65
Conduit entry type, IP65/NEMA 4

Temperature Range:
-20°C to +50°C
*Consult our Technical Service for use below +2°C

Glass fibre reinforced co-polymer moulding for wireway
housings and modules. Conduit end caps – zinc pressure
die-cast. Glass fibre reinforced co-polymer manifolds.
Aluminium alloy end plates and aluminium alloy pressure
die-cast sub base modules.